ECT – Four Years Later

Four years after ECT, James reflects on the changes to his life.

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The Art of Coping

By James Heaton We all know the drill. You see your doctor, in the 15 minutes that you are given to explain all the complexities of your disorder and the changes that have been happening in your mind. And we struggle with a way to explain that our thoughts are bizarre and scary, but at…

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Getting up is how we learn…

My favorite line from Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is when Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne tells him the reason that we fall down is so we can learn to get back up. Its one of those little boosters that I collect for when I feel like I cant keep going. Its been a week or…

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Anxiety and How to Train Your Mind

By James Heaton Anxiety comes in different forms for different people. Along with the mood changes, the crippling depression and sever manic phases, people who suffer from bipolar disorder can also experience severe anxiety. But what is anxiety? Its common to experience some anxiety in our everyday lives but when it becomes debilitating then it…

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